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Safeti was started with the aim to help provide simple, usable information & encouragement. I want to provide content and opinion to stimulate debate and add value to the conversation on workplace HSE management across different industries.

Effective HSE does not always need to be complicated or cost a small fortune. We all have responsibility for workplace health, safety & environment management. Most of us understand that the legal system does not accept ignorance of the law as a defence. But we need to know what this means in reality!

There is a huge amount of HSE information & guidance out there which you could spend a lifetime trying learn. That’s why we see immense value in filtering this down to the bits that will matter to you. Whether that be on the building site or the shop floor. We will do the hard work so you don’t have to.

And for those who want to build an HSE Career, we hope that we can share our experiences. Both good and bad. I believe we can help each other on our journey to keeping workplaces healthy and sustainable……

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