Which fire extinguisher should not be used on flammable liquids?

Which Fire Extinguisher should NOT be used on Flammable Liquids?

The Wrong Fire Extinguisher for Flammable Liquids

Never use a water extinguisher on electrical fires or any fire involving a flammable liquid. As any science student will tell you, water conducts the current.

If you spray water onto an electrical fire, inadvertently or intentionally, you risk shocking or electrocuting yourself.

Water fire extinguishers are great for solid combustible materials, such as wood and cardboard, are NOT suitable for electrical fires as water is a conductor and you are at risk of electrical shock or electrocution if used on this type of fire. They are also NOT suitable for flammable liquids or flammable metal fires as it will not extinguish the fire.
Now we know which fire extinguisher should not be used on flammable liquids, it’s time to look at which fire extinguisher is suitable for flammable liquids. And don’t forget, your team can learn more on fire safety via our Fire Safety Awareness course.

Best Extinguisher for Flammable Liquids

If you have flammable liquids that are not cooking oils/fats, then you need an extinguisher that is suitable for Class B fires.

For example, a CO2 or Dry Powder extinguisher would be suitable in most cases. 

But be careful…

If you work with cooking oils and/or fats, the CO2 or Dry Powder won’t be suitable. You would traditionally need a Class F extinguisher, which is typically the ‘Wet Chemical’ option.

Firexo 3 Pack

Alternatively, you could opt for something more advanced such as the ALL FIRES extinguisher from Firexo which removes the confusion of selecting the correct extinguisher during an emergency, reducing risk to workers and others who may be affected.

At Safeti, we think this is a great solution for many businesses who want to enable quick response and reduce the potential for human error when trying to tackle a fire effectively.

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