The Safeti Mission

Welcome to Safeti

Hi, welcome to Safeti! I started the Safeti project for all those who are responsible for the health, safety and the environment.

I realised that much of what I was learning on my own development journey could be highly valuable to others in a similar position.

With the communication tools at our disposal today, the opportunity to build a learning and sharing community within the HSE space started to make complete sense.

And so Safeti was born.

For many, ‘Safety’ when referring to health, safety & environment is a complex range of subjects and is someone’s else’s concern.

In reality, it’s everyone’s concern, can be sensibly tackled and doesn’t need to be that complicated.

 Why do this?

As an HSE professional, I see the negative impact that ‘red tape’, insular attitudes and over-regulation has had on the perception of the HSE industry across different sectors. Of course, today’s compensation culture has turned most of us into butt-covering bureaucrats.

The industry hasn’t perhaps helped itself, but I think it is slowly changing.

I am confident that we can speed up positive change by keeping the focus on people.

The profession has huge potential for adding value, we just need to tap into it.

Particularly, by focusing on empowering people and raising awareness on the connection between human health, safety and environmental sustainability.

The reason Safeti was started is to encourage you to be a part of it and to help you on your path to greater impact.

Help us be the Change…

With Safeti, I want to harness this opportunity for positive change & help accelerate our collective progress.

Let’s take the fear out of health, safety & environment by focusing on the important stuff and cutting down the technical jargon.

It is time for Businesses and Health, Safety & Environmental practitioners to work together to create value.

We can help each other learn to work safely and in tune with our environment whilst boosting productivity

Thanks for getting on board!

Who is Safeti?

Hi, I’m Richard, a highly motivated,  pro-business, management professional with over 15 year’s HSE experience across different sectors. My personal mission is to demystify Health, Safety & Environmental management to help businesses and their employees have a positive and sustainable impact.

Richard Collins CMIOSH CEnv