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Risk Assessment Examples | Free Downloads

To make it easier for you to find a good starting point for your workplace risk assessment, we’ve put together some of our most popular risk assessment examples for you to download.

Risk Assessment Examples | Health and Safety | Safeti

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Risk Assessment must be carried out by a competent person with adequate knowledge, training and experience of the relevant work activities

Any risk assessment and/or work methodology should be made specific to the task, as appropriate. The following risk assessment examples provide an insight into the type of information that may be contained in a risk assessment document for different workplace contexts. and are intended for reference purposes only

Construction Risk Assessment Example

Download our construction risk assessment example for a small, low complexity construction project. For larger, more complex projects, more comprehensive RAMS may be required.

Workshop Risk Assessment Example

Download our Workshop Risk Assessment example for a general health and safety risks in this type of environment. Additional information & assessment is typically required for specific items of plant, machinery and equipment, where appropriate..

Office Risk Assessment Example

Download our example Risk Assessment for Office to give you a confident start with assessing the risks of workplace injury and illness for your employees. 

Risk Assessment Examples | Safeti

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