Ultrimax COSHH Cabinet Large

  • FIREPROOF AND LONG LASTING: Corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish with fire hazard warning label. Premium Flammable Liquid Storage Cosh Cupboard for the segregation, storage, and transport of flammable substances and liquid petroleum gases.
  • FULLY COMPLIANT WITH INSURANCE: HSE might revoke your insurance if liquids and flammable objects are not stored correctly, our fireproof cabinets allow you to have peace of mind when working with flammable chemicals and or tools.
  • IDEAL FOR MANY SITUATIONS: It is of great importance to keep yourself and the people working with you healthy and safe from any harm. That’s why we created this robust and durable cabinet to keep you and others safe.
  • VERSATILE AND STRONG: Manufactured from reinforced steel and it features a robust strong design tested for holding its structural integrity in any conditions.
  • EFFICIENT SHELVES: Shelves allow for efficient storing of items and allowing for organized storage and transport within the metal storage cabinet.


Technical Details


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