Risk Assessment Master

(10 customer reviews)


  • Master Risk Assessment Template
  • Quick reference ‘Cheatsheet’ – Watch
  • Alphabetical Index for Easy Use
  • 25+ Pages of Detailed Hazard and Controls Examples
  • Perfect for Supervisors, Managers, H&S Advisors and Consultants
  • Perfect to accompany our Risk Assessment Training Course


Top benefits from using our Master Risk Assessment Template include:

  1. Avoid having to collate information from a massive pile of documents
  2. Save time by getting all of the relevant information from one index
  3. Create endless number of bespoke risk assessments for your business
  4. Tap into the highly valuable information used by H&S professionals
  5. Reduce the need to interpret legal jargon or extensive technical documentation

10 reviews for Risk Assessment Master

  1. Sarah Harris

    Seemed expensive but def worth it in time saved.

  2. Suraj P.

    Doesnt have ‘everything’ but covers a lot

  3. Debs B



    One of my better investments

  5. Niamh G

    Excellent! Especially for newbie HS Advisors 😊

  6. Tim R

    Really awesome value

  7. Fiona Deery

    Made process much simpler for me, thanks

  8. Gerard D.

    Excellent help!😅

  9. Thierry M.

    I don’t like givig 5 stars but this was very good value, high quality info.

  10. Terence P.

    Saved me a day or 3! 😁

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