Manual Handling Risk Assessment

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  • Instant Download – 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Includes completed Manual Handling Risk Assessment Example
  • Detailed Pushing and Pulling, Lifting & Carrying Templates included
  • Live Chat & Email Support, developed by H&S Professionals
  • Use with our FREE Manual Handling Training Course


Key Benefits from choosing our Manual Handling Risk Assessment example pack include;

  1. Save time with our detailed, completed manual handling risk assessment example
  2. Outline the specific risks and controls measures for your manual handling scenario
  3. Use our specific Pushing/Pulling or Lifting & Carrying template, as appropriate
  4. Train your staff 100% Free  Manual Handling Course
  5. Access support & advice from our competent Health and Safety professionals

5 reviews for Manual Handling Risk Assessment

  1. Keith P

    Good job, saved a lot of time

  2. Raj Zawar

    Thanks 👍👍

  3. Marcus S.

    Excellent example and template. Wuld be good to add liftig example too.

  4. Helen Stitt

    Very professional example, great free courses. 👌

  5. Keiran D.

    Really detailed, and excellent template to adapt.

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