Health and Safety Risk Assessment

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  1. Health and Safety Risk Assessment Expert package
  2. H&S Master Index 25+ Pages of Hazard & Controls
  3. A-Z Alphabetical for Easy Use – Watch Preview
  4. Key Examples for Workshop, Construction & Warehouse
  5. Includes our CPD Accredited Risk Assessment Training Course
  6. Suitable for H&S Advisors, Supervisors, Managers & Consultants


Health and Safety Risk Assessment Index

The top benefits & incredible value of our Health and Safety Risk Assessment index package include:

  1. Create bespoke health and safety risk assessments for your Business or Clients
  2. Save money, time & effort using extensive information from 1 index
  3. Instant access to our top 3 risk assessment examples – Construction, Workshop & Warehouse (Retail Value >£75)
  4. Gain Certification with our CPD Accredited Risk Assessment Training Course
  5. Increase your value & knowledge for customers & for new job opportunities & promotions
  6. Become the Expert for Risk Assessment in your organisation

Health and Safety Risk Assessment | FAQ’s

  1. Is the Risk Assessment ready to go? We understand that you want a quick solution, but we would never advise that a risk assessment example is used without being made specific to your project. That’s why we’ve included a detailed examples & a complete index of hazards and controls to use PLUS access to our very popular Risk Assessment Training course.
  2. Can I make the Risk Assessment appropriate to my brand? Yes, the document/s are fully editable, without a hidden catch. Just remember that you may need to save a local copy on your device before you are given edit permissions.
  3. What if I don’t understand how to amend the Risk Assessment? We have now included 1 Credit for our 1 Hour Risk Assessment Training Course – this course has been developed to show you the fundamentals using case-study examples, and should set you up perfectly to moulding your own risk assessment.
  4. Do Safeti provide any support or advice on how to do the Risk Assessment? We don’t provide consultancy advice as part of this package, however we are on hand to steer you in the right direction with any basic questions you have around getting it done correctly. You can contact us any time using our Live Chat tool. Of course, should you need additional paid support, we can also provide you with a solution.
  5. Will I have to pay a subscription? No, this is a single payment. Once you pay, you will instantly receive the product and any associated Course enrolments on your account. For our Subscriptions products, it will be obvious and clear that it is a recurring fee during checkout.
  6. Am I protected by a Guarantee? At Safeti, our main aim is to support you as our valued customer. As most of our products are digital in nature, we provide a Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that we will do our utmost to ensure you are satisfied with any purchase. If this is not the case, you may be entitled to a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

25 reviews for Health and Safety Risk Assessment

  1. Steph Bridges

    Awesome pack!!

  2. D Cusack


  3. niamhb

    a big help, good value

  4. GarethB

    Game changer

  5. SusanW

    Genuine bargain 🙌

  6. Kirsty Delaney

    Great investment, happily recommend.

  7. Heather Watts

    Incredibly helpful

  8. Clive Turley

    Many thanks

  9. Aoife W.

    My new secret weapon. 😜

  10. John McLennan

    excellent package

  11. Rahul S

    Brilliant training and really useful template. Many thanks for your help.

  12. Charlene Stephens

    Very good combo with the risk assessment training. Definitely recommend.👍

  13. JAY W

    have to say, this came in extremely handy 🤫

  14. Morgan S.

    Wow, a company with genuine customer service who care. Refreshing!! Thanks Richard and Safeti team.

  15. Adam Burke

    Must have for HS Advisors, highly recommend

  16. Sarah Harris

    Seemed expensive but def worth it in time saved.

  17. Suraj P.

    Doesnt have ‘everything’ but covers a lot

  18. Debs B



    One of my better investments

  20. Niamh G

    Excellent! Especially for newbie HS Advisors 😊

  21. Tim R

    Really awesome value

  22. Fiona Deery

    Made process much simpler for me, thanks

  23. Gerard D.

    Excellent help!😅

  24. Thierry M.

    I don’t like givig 5 stars but this was very good value, high quality info.

  25. Terence P.

    Saved me a day or 3! 😁

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