Gas Under Pressure Labels


  • Adhesive GHS Gas Under Pressure Labels
  • Poly Gloss Laminate, On-a-Roll for Easy Application
  • Suitable for Various Applications
  • 250 Units – Label Size 30mm (H) x 30mm (W)
  • Free Shipping to UK & Ireland | International delivery available
  • As seen in our COSHH Training Course

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Gas Under Pressure Labels GHS | Hazard Warning

Gas Under Pressure Labels are required by law to be used on relevant hazardous chemical products. Our Gas Under Pressure Labels are designed to help alert users to specific hazards and chemical warnings. Our Gas Under Pressure Label is compliant with the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling, and is suitable for use globally.

We have designed Irritant labels to help your keep track of hazardous substances. Using the latest in chemical labelling technology, our Hazard Warning Labels will help keep your site users safe and ensure legal compliance.


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