COSHH Assessment Examples

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Download our pack of COSHH assessment examples to get you started on controlling common hazardous substance risks in the workplace.

Includes COSHH Assessment Examples for: Surface Cleaner, Air Tool Oil, Butyl Tape, Lithium-based Grease, Expanding Foam, Gripfill, Line Marking Paint, Petrol, Silicone Sealant, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Two Stroke OIl, Ethanol (White Spirits).


4 reviews for COSHH Assessment Examples

  1. Ajay Rajan

    Amazing Coshh courses and resources on this site! 🙏

  2. Karl Wheeler

    Useful stuff!!

  3. Gary Weideman

    Takes ages to do these bloody things, well worth the money to buy a few pre-done for a head start. Need to be made appropriate for the context but good time saver. Agree with other review, add even more!

  4. Michael Vusumzi

    Includes some useful example assessments,saved a good bit of time for me. Would be good to add even more to the list.

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