Construction COSHH Assessments

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  • Instant Download
  • Construction COSHH Assessments
  • 21 COSHH Documents for Common Construction Substances
  • BONUS COSHH Assessment Training (1 Credit)
  • Learn How-to Use our Training system
  • Suitable for typical Construction environments

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Download our pack of construction COSHH assessments with Assessment Training to get you started on controlling common hazardous substance risks in the workplace. See full list below.

Construction COSHH Assessments includes:

Concrete, Cement, Polymer Bonding Adhesive, Mould Release Agent, Concrete Curing Compound, Surface Cleaner, Air Tool Oil, Butyl Tape, Lithium-based Grease, Expanding Foam, Gripfill, Line Marking Paint, Petrol, Silicone Sealant, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Two Stroke Oil, Ethanol (White Spirits).

Construction COSHH Assessments FAQ’s 

  1. Is the COSHH Assessment ready to go? We understand that you want a quick solution for your COSHH Assessment, but we would never advise that a risk assessment example is used without being made specific to your project. That’s why we’ve included a detailed example PLUS access to our very popular COSHH Assessment Training course – which you will see on your My Learning profile upon purchase.
  2. Can I make the COSHH Assessment appropriate to my brand? Yes, the document/s are fully editable, without a hidden catch. Just remember that you may need to save a local copy on your device before you are given edit permissions.
  3. What if I don’t understand how to amend the COSHH Assessment? We have now included 1 Credit for our COSHH Assessment Training Course – this course has been developed to show you the fundamentals using case-study examples, and should set you up perfectly to moulding your own COSHH assessment.
  4. Do Safeti provide any support or advice on how to do the COSHH Assessment? We don’t provide consultancy advice as part of this package, however we are on hand to steer you in the right direction with any basic questions you have around getting it done correctly. You can contact us any time using our Live Chat tool. Of course, should you need additional paid support, we can also provide you with a solution.
  5. Will I have to pay a subscription? No, this is a single payment. Once you pay, you will instantly receive the product and any associated Course enrolments on your account. For our Subscriptions products, it will be obvious and clear that it is a recurring fee during checkout.
  6. Am I protected by a Guarantee? At Safeti, our main aim is to support you as our valued customer. As most of our products are digital in nature, we provide a Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that we will do our utmost to ensure you are satisfied with any purchase. If this is not the case, you may be entitled to a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

6 reviews for Construction COSHH Assessments

  1. Kenny Godwyll

    No brainer with the COSHH training thrown in, i would highly recommend.

  2. Damo McP

    Great value

  3. Niamh D

    Awesome. Thanks for the free training also it was extremely valuable for our team

  4. JimP

    Good to get a head start

  5. Sarah H.

    Came in very handy!!

  6. Liz Douglas

    This site is a life saver.💯 Great courses and docs.

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