Construction COSHH Assessments

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  • Instant Download
  • Construction COSHH Assessments
  • 21 COSHH Documents for Common Construction Substances
  • BONUS COSHH Assessment Training (1 Credit)
  • Suitable for typical Construction environments

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Download our pack of construction COSHH assessments with Assessment Training to get you started on controlling common hazardous substance risks in the workplace. See full list below.

Construction COSHH Assessments includes:

Concrete, Cement, Polymer Bonding Adhesive, Mould Release Agent, Concrete Curing Compound, Surface Cleaner, Air Tool Oil, Butyl Tape, Lithium-based Grease, Expanding Foam, Gripfill, Line Marking Paint, Petrol, Silicone Sealant, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), Two Stroke Oil, Ethanol (White Spirits).

6 reviews for Construction COSHH Assessments

  1. Kenny Godwyll

    No brainer with the COSHH training thrown in, i would highly recommend.

  2. Damo McP

    Great value

  3. Niamh D

    Awesome. Thanks for the free training also it was extremely valuable for our team

  4. JimP

    Good to get a head start

  5. Sarah H.

    Came in very handy!!

  6. Liz Douglas

    This site is a life saver.💯 Great courses and docs.

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