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Stakeholder Engagement: is it useful?

Stakeholder Engagement: is it useful? 1
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Stakeholder Engagement: is it useful?
Stakeholder Engagement: is it useful? 2

In this Episode of Safeti School, we reflect on a point made about stakeholder engagement by our Safeti Podcast guest, James Pomeroy.

We ask the question, is engaging your stakeholders useful? It’s something that is often forgotten about, both internally and externally. But we are missing a trick as James explains…

  • The importance of getting to know your stakeholders on a first name basis.
  • Recognising how much can be learned if we listen intently to our stakeholders and use the learning to inform our strategy.
  • Take the opportunity when your have engaged your stakeholders, to show that HSE is not just a cost-centre.

For this and more, listen to our 5 minutes Safeti School podcast on stakeholder engagement! The full Safeti Podcast episode with James Pomeroy can be found in the resource section below.

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