Top 3 HSE Career Hacks

Top 3 HSE Career Hacks
Safeti School

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Welcome to Safeti School, were we crunch down Environment, Health and Safety learning into simple, bite-size snippets that you can use for your business.

In this Episode we crunch down our top 3 HSE career hacks for those in or seeking to join the Health, Safety & Environment profession. For more help, check out the Safeti Podcast Episodes that we have selected below for deep insights into how you can boost your career prospects.

‘Evolution of HSE’ with Anna Keen – In Episode 23 of The Safeti Podcast, we catch up with Anna Keen, Founder and Director of Acre Frameworks. Anna and her team focus on helping organisations build high-performance teams and assisting individuals in their personal development, focusing primarily on non-technical skills.

‘Boost your career using Linkedin’ with Richard Collins – Linkedin is the foremost social media platform for professionals and businesses across the globe. It has a steadily growing user base of circa 600 million people – here’s our Top 10 tip to use it effectively.

‘Get Social’ with Laura Aucott – Are you trying to move your HSE career forward but feel like you are getting nowhere? Listen to this Episode to find out what employer’s are looking for and how you can take action to get the attention of those that are hiring

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