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‘Slip Slidin’ Away’ with Christian Harris

'Slip Slidin' Away' with Christian Harris 1
The Safeti Podcast
'Slip Slidin' Away' with Christian Harris
'Slip Slidin' Away' with Christian Harris 3

In this episode of the Safeti Podcast, we talked to Slip Safety expert Christian Harris on how to tackle the perennial problem of slips in the workplace.

Just some of the stuff we cover in this podcast:

  • Why are slips in the workplace still a problem?
  • What is stopping us from tackling the root of the problem
  • Methods to use to monitor your performance
  • What can happen when things go really wrong
  • Why prevention is much better than cure for slips in the workplace

Thanks again to Christian Harris for joining us on the Safeti Podcast to share his wisdom!

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slips in the workplace

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