‘KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)’ with Matt O’Crowley

‘KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)’ with Matt O’Crowley
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In Episode 16, we talk to seasoned seafarer, Matt O’Crowley, change agent and consultant at Sustrain. 

Matt draws on both maritime and aviation safety practices and models to help businesses get ahead of the game by emulating safe working practices from the source of global safety management.

Are you overwhelmed by too much information? Or do you not have enough time to do all the work that gets thrown at you? You are not alone.

Listen to this Episode to find out Matt’s unique learnings and perspective from having worked in some of the largest scale and highest risk sectors around the world.

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Sustrain – get in touch with Matt for consultancy and HSEQ support

Matt O’Crowley on Linkedin – connect with Matt to hear what he has been up to!

Richard Collins Linkedin  – connect with me to help build your network

International Safety Management (ISM) Code – breakdown of the safety management code Matt talks about in this episode

KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) – the KISS principle on Wikipedia – where did it come from?

Podcast Transcript – access the full text version of the podcast

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