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‘ISO 45001 – Participation Game’ with Robin Maunder-Cockram

‘ISO 45001 – Participation Game’ with Robin Maunder-Cockram
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In this episode of the Safeti Podcast, we track down Robin Maunder-Cockram of EY Certify Point in Holland to talk about ISO 45001..

We have a big interest in the employee participation part of the ISO 45001 standard. Naturally, it’s great to hear from someone on the front lines about how businesses are coping with the changes since the old OHSAS 18001 standard.

Robin gives us some insights into the following:

  • What the ISO 45001 is actually asking for, in the first place
  • What is holding businesses back/hurdles they are facing
  • Key trip hazards when it comes to implementing the ‘participation’ with your workforce
  • One thing you can do to move forward in the right direction

Thanks again to Robin for joining us on the Safeti Podcast and sharing his wisdom!

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iso 45001 standard

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