‘H&S is failing Small Businesses Part 2’ with Carl Mannion

‘H&S is failing Small Businesses Part 2’ with Carl Mannion
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In this episode, we take a look at the challenges of H&S for small businesses. We chat to the very knowledgeable Carl Mannion CMIOSH MCIOB of Better Safety. Carl reveals what he has learnt in the past year since venturing out to build a consultancy. This two-part series will give you a realistic snapshot of Health & Safety regulation and service provision within a rapidly changing UK economy.

In this Episode, we talk about the danger of chasing the ‘next big thing’. We also talk about the rise of convenience HSE services and the changing landscape of training & learning. This insight into H&S for small businesses will be valuable for business owners & operators and HSE professionals alike.

Podcast Resources

OSHCR Website – Link to the Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) that was mentioned in the show

Better Safety  – Carl Mannion’s consultancy website providing HSE Services

Carl Mannion – you can contact Carl via Linkedin for all your SME Health & Safety needs

Safeti Podcast Carl Mannion Part 2 Transcript – read the full Podcast here

Transcript – here’s a taster

Richard: It’s time to go and pick up the second half of our call with Carl Mannion of better safety. Where we look at how health and safety in his view is failing smaller businesses. Moving on then Carl talking about more generally that the feelings in for smaller businesses in the economy and in terms of health and safety. We have mentioned in previous discussion about whilst the health and safety fraternity may be focusing on certain hot topics of the day and we do have a tendency to do that and everybody jumps on the bandwagon. We tend to forget about the fact we are failing on basic safety, basic health principles in the workplace. Would you have an opinion on that?

Carl: I think it’s an accurate reflection if I was honest and one of the hot topics at the moment and I actually agree with this hot topic that needs to be raised is mental health. Specifically in instruction and there is a huge drive towards stamping out this sort of egotistical patriarchal. You know the guy doesn’t get sick. The guy doesn’t get mental health problems. He just cracks on and does his job. Which is complete nonsense of course. Because mental health can affect any gender and affect anyone at any time in their career and I think it’s good that there is dialogue about that. I think it’s good that there’s a lot of people talking about it in some respects. However I think that we are also diverting an awful lot of attention and energy into something which yes affects people. But I also feel that there’s a lot of people not doing the very basic safety as well as very basic health topics correctly. Such as not erecting a scaffold correctly. Not footing a ladder. if we talk about health, not wearing PPE when they’re dealing with dust and fumes or people removing asbestos without a license and without any form of training. Because they think it’s non licensable. Because they don’t understand the difference. These are very basic things that we are still not doing in construction. But there are also other industries metal polishes for example. Garages that have been through recently where the spraying and restricted areas and they’re spraying aerosols which are very powerful and can overwhelm quite quickly. But still not wearing their correct PPE. They’re wearing them on their head or on their chest and these
are basics that we’re not doing now. These are things that have been around for a very long time and we’re still not getting that right.

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