slips trips and falls

How to avoid Slips Trips and Falls

How to avoid Slips Trips and Falls
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Simple Steps to prevent Slips Trips and Falls

The main non-fatal injury (31%) to employees as reported in 2017/18 was a Slip, Trip or Fall on the same level i.e. not from height.

So, that equates to more than 170,000 Slips Trip and Falls injuries reported by Employer’s in Great Britain for the year. WOW!!

Slips Trips and Falls HSE 2018 UK

Yes, there’s still quite a lot of room for improvement.

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Helpful Hints to Prevent Slips Trips and Falls

There are many simple ways to control the risks of slips trips and falls in your workplace…

Planning & Design

  • Plan pedestrian routes to avoid contaminated areas
  • Use entrance matting at entrances/exits
  • Design processes & task to minimise spill risk
  • Use protective bunding for potential leak sources
  • Floors likely to get wet or have spillages should be a suitable non-slip material
  • Make sure lighting is sufficient and that slopes or steps are clearly visible.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Fix leaks from machinery or buildings
  • Make sure that your cleaning method is effective for the type of floor you have
  • Minimise risk during cleaning process e.g. use wet/dry cleaner
  • Remove spillages promptly
  • Use the appropriate detergent mix to avoid residue
  • Check for loose, damaged and worn flooring and replace as needed
  • Keep walkways and work areas clear of obstructions

What can you do as an Employer/Employee?

  • Report any slip/trip accident or near miss to prevent future incidents
  • If you see a hazard i.e. spillage, obstruction – remove it, if safe to do so
  • Keep your workspace tidy as reasonably possible
  • Wear appropriate PPE e.g. non-slip footwear
  • Encourage others to be proactive

For useful insights into the Health, Safety & Environment profession, check out the Safeti Podcast!

Safeti Podcast - slips trips and falls
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