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‘Health and Safety at Events!?’ with Mark Breen

'Health and Safety at Events!?' with Mark Breen 1
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'Health and Safety at Events!?' with Mark Breen
'Health and Safety at Events!?' with Mark Breen 3

In interview number 30-something (my age) of the Safeti Podcast, Mark Breen of Safe Events joins us to talk through his organic progression from working on the doors to being an industry-leader for health and safety at events across the UK and Ireland.

Listen to this episode to find out the parallels between health and safety at events and health & safety in any the business. Here are few episode highlight’s –

12 mins – The danger of not joining up your thinking

19 mins – The challenge of sharing your mistakes

25 mins – Communicating with conviction

29 mins – 5 I’s – Immerse, Imagine, Iterate, Integrate, Implement!

43 mins – Implicitly trusting your team

46 mins – Playing the Long Game

49 mins – Pick your challenge

Thanks again to Mark Breen from Cuckoo/Safe Events for taking the time to join us on the Safeti Podcast.

‘Health and Safety at Events!?’ Podcast Resources

Mark Breen – connect with our podcast guest on Linkedin

Safe Events Ireland– Mark’s specialist health and safety at events business

Richard Collins – join the podcast host on Linkedin to grow your network

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