‘Get Social!’ with Laura Aucott

‘Get Social!’ with Laura Aucott
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Welcome to the Safeti Podcast

If you are involved in Health and Safety, Environment or anything in between, make sure to join us for some laid back learning!

In Episode 14, we chat to HSE recruiter extraordinaire, Laura Aucott, Partner at HSE Recruitment Network. 

Laura, an HSE recruitment specialist for almost a decade, comes on the show to talk to us about the importance of staying relevant in an increasingly competitive HSE market. 

Are you trying to move your HSE career forward but feel like you are getting nowhere?

Listen to this Episode to find out what employer’s are looking for and how you can take action to get the attention of those that are hiring in 2019.

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Full podcast transcript – read the Episode here


Here’s a sample from the Episode…..

Hi there a very warm welcome back to the safeti podcast. Where we aim to help you break down the barriers to health safety and environment learning to help you stay motivated, improve your knowledge and maximize your impact.

Today on the show we have Laura Alcott, Who is business partner and contract specialist with the HSE recruitment network. Laura is hands-down one of the most knowledgeable HSE recruitment specialists in the UK and she’s thankfully come on the show to share with us some deep insights into what is a more and more competitive HSE market.

If you’re trying to improve your career prospects within the HSE space at the moment and you feel like you’re not getting anywhere and you would like to find out where the biggest opportunities lie for you to raise your profile and get noticed by the people that are making the decisions, this is really going to be worth listening to. 

[Intro] Welcome to the Safeti podcast with your host all the way from a small Green Island in the wild Atlantic Ocean, Richard Collins.

I’ve been trying to get this one going for a few weeks and we had our technical difficulties today as well. But we persisted and now I were talking.


Thank you very much for having me.


After the pleasure and obviously got you on the show today and we were discussing back and forth what would be valuable for audience here and you were saying that you were lining up a little event with HSE Recruitment Network regarding how to stay relevant in the marketplace and hopefully we can shed some light on the difficulties that people are facing and show them some ways that they can take some action to do something about it.

Cool, so tell us a bit more about….  I mean some of the people listening to the show will know you already Laura. Just for the ones that don’t can guess, bit about your background just and obviously you’ve been heavily involved in HSE recruitment for quite a while. 


So yeah so I work at HSE recruitment and as you said so I’m a partner over there and I head up the contract division. So I’ve been working with them for, gosh eight nearly nine years now. So pretty long time. so I think I’ve been a pretty good position to know what companies are looking for you know what issues are facing in the marketplace at the moment.

Hopefully like you said if I can just give you a few tips on how to make yourself stand out and how to make sure that you’re getting where you want to go in your career, I think that would be pretty helpful. So yeah fingers crossed. 

Yeah absolutely I mean you’ve been as you say working in the industry and the recruitment down of it for you know quite a number of years. It’s probably not too many people that have worked in that know specialism for so long and obviously work as hard as you.

Because you’re going above and beyond all the time doing events like you did recently there and trying to engage with the people in the profession, which is great and one thing I did notice she’s saying there was that you felt that the market was quite saturated at the moment. Can you tell us a bit more about that?


Yeah of course. Unfortunately it’s kind of unwelcome news and I think most people probably won’t be honest with you about that. I think the message from most people at the moment is that obviously health and safety is really buoyant. Which it is you know we’re not refuting that.

There are loads and loads of rolls out there as companies become more and more aware of their expectations in regards of safety and looking after their staff. Obviously there are more jobs becoming available. But there are a staggering number of people that are joining the industry every single year.

I mean if you look at the fact that there’s nearly 50,000 people registered with IOSH already and that’s not every safety profession on the UK. That is literally just the ones that have registered with IOSH and then I mean there’s over 600 course providers.

You’ve got new qualifications coming out all the time with NCRQ. Some of the new stuff that NEBOSH has been doing. You know there’s a lot of qualified people. So I think what we’re trying to get across to people is just at the moment being qualified by itself it’s just not enough.

I think maybe sort of about five years ago having you know a good NEBOSH qualification and working at industry for a couple of years and you could take your pick of jobs and unfortunately I think we’ve got to work a little bit harder than that nowadays.


I think it’s an extremely important message to get across to people and you know things are really taking the correct approach and being honest you know a lot of recruiters I’m sure don’t want to make it obvious. 


No, it’s probably not what people want to hear but for every role that we put out or every role that a company puts out there.  You’re probably getting nearly a hundred and fifty applications for it and those are applications with no merit. You know most of those people who have got the qualifications.

You know we’re not saying all of them are equally good. Of course we’re not the… it’s just to sort of give you an idea of the fact that yeah there’s soft skills and all that extra stuff is so so important nowadays to make you stand out.


Yeah it keeps coming back to that conversation about soft skills. Is there anything that you’re seeing from people who are doing it correctly that you would like to highlight for those listening you know to point towards? 


I mean there’s quite a few different ways that you can go to make yourself stand out. But the thing that always makes a safety professional stand out for me is massively their engagement in the marketplace. So that’s not just going in and doing your nine-to-five job.

It’s seeing people at these networking events, seeing them sort of going and learning more about legislation, being heavily involved and stuff on LinkedIn. Doing all that you know the CPD with local IOSH branches or whatever it is. It’s really sort of going above and beyond to show how passionate you are about an industry.

I think that’s what people want most of all at the moment is someone with passion. The old health and safety model of the clipboard warrior, you know the old guy who just kind of walked around and yells at people and tells them what to do; it couldn’t be farther from what people want at the moment.

So it’s really demonstrating that you are that new person, that passionate person. He’s going to think outside the box, he’s going to make people excited about it; it’s a subject. Because health and safety is obviously fascinating.

There’s a reason people do it and there’s a reason I’ve been involved with it for so long and it’s got bad press for a really really long time. But what we’re seeing now is lots more positive stories out there. Lots more companies with good initiatives and like I said thinking of different things.

So that’s the sort of stuff I want to see, people really really get involved, really showing that they love what they do. 

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