‘Every Cloud’ with Lisa Ramos

‘Every Cloud’ with Lisa Ramos
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Welcome to the Safeti Podcast
‘Connecting Health, Safety & Environment’

If you are involved in Health and Safety, Environment or anything in between, make sure to join us for some laid back learning!

In Episode 17 of the Safeti Podcast, we speak to Lisa Ramos. Lisa’s life changed dramatically in 2006 when she was involved in a forklift accident.

Lisa’s injuries were so severe that her leg had to be amputated. Years later, she made the decision to visit businesses, along with her husband Dave, to share the story of the accident and the impact it has had on her life and that of those around her.

If you support or manage a team in the workplace, share this podcast with them to start a pro-active safety discussion today.

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Lisa Ramos on Linkedin – connect with Lisa to network with her and find out more about her journey

Proud2bSafe – more information on Lisa’s services on Jason Anker’s organisational website

Transcript – available soon

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