‘Easy as C.P.D.’ with Euan McRobie

‘Easy as C.P.D.’ with Euan McRobie
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The Safeti Podcast ‘Connecting Health, Safety & Environment’

If you are involved in Health and Safety, Environment or anything in between, make sure to join us for some laid back learning! In Episode 26 of The Safeti Podcast, we caught up with Euan McRobie. Euan is a Health and Safety consultant and SHP Rising Stars award nominee. We brought him on the show to talk about health and safety CPD (Continued Professional Development).

Euan is active with his local IOSH branch along with being an H&S consultant and retained firefighter. He recently delivered a seminar on health and safety CPD to help fellow professionals understand the value of ongoing development.

Euan also used the session to bust a few myths around what is acceptable as CPD and demonstrate how easy it can actually be.

If you struggle with the concept of CPD, check out this podcast for motivation and tips on how you can use it to your advantage!


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