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Build a Safety Team with no Budget!

Build a Safety Team with no Budget!
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In this Episode of Safeti School, we look at the challenge of trying to build a safety team when the budget just isn’t there. Check out this episode for some inspiration!

We’ve teamed up with Alex Burbidge from Pro Safety Management for a few episodes to share our views on a range of topics. We hope you get bucket loads of value from these short podcasts!

Want to read? Please scroll down for the transcript version of this podcast if you’d prefer to read today or just use it as a reference when listening to the audio!

Additional Resources

Safeti – pay us a visit at safeti.com for more free content, learning materials and support services

Pro Safety Management – home of Alex Burbidge’s health and safety consultancy, based in York, England.

Richard Collins – connect with the podcast host on Linkedin

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Safeti School: for more free, educational HSE content visit the Safeti School podcast page

Build a Safety Team on a Budget
Richard Collins

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