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‘Become the Solution’ with Brendan Maloney, Skillko

‘Become the Solution’ with Brendan Maloney, Skillko
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In Episode 28 of the Safeti Podcast, we catch up with Brendan Maloney of emergent software solution provider, Skillko. Brendan, an HSE professional himself, recognised a problem in his role a few years ago that he couldn’t quite find a solution for. So, he decided to make it.

Find out about how Brendan forged his path to market with his software solution for HSE training. Maybe you have a nagging problem that you would like solve.

This story may just inspire you to make a course for those unchartered waters, just like Brendan!


Brendan Maloney – connect with our podcast guest on Linkedin

Skillko – find out more about the new innovative training software solution

Connect HSE – join our networking group to get involved in the discussion

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