‘Appetite for Disruption!’ with Iain Evans, NCRQ

‘Appetite for Disruption!’ with Iain Evans, NCRQ
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‘Appetite for Disruption’ with Iain Evans, NCRQ

If you are involved in Health and Safety, Environment or anything in between, make sure to join us for some laid back learning!

This is a good one! In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking to Iain Evans, Chief Executive of NCRQ. We dive deep into the story of why and how NCRQ was born.

Iain talks about how his experiences working for the Health & Safety Executive and working in a corporate environment drove him to do something radical.

This podcast will help you understand why NCRQ has become a market leader and provide an insight into their vision for the future.

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Here’s a taster…..

Richard: Welcome to the show Iain Evans from NCRQ, the chief executive  nonetheless, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I know there will be lots of people that’ll be interested to hear what you have to say. How are you?

Iain: I am very well. Thank you Richard. Thank you for inviting me on. How are you?

Richard: Not too bad and I’m looking forward to asking you some questions. I’m a big advocate of what you’ve provided to the market.

I really would love to find out a bit more about why this has about and you know having done the course and trying to provide information for others.

You know to encourage them to consider the NCRQ Diploma route. There’s lots of questions that have come out and I would like to help answer for them for you.

Obviously thank you so much for coming on today to help me do that.

Iain: No problem.

Richard: Well just before we kick off Iain, obviously there’s not many people that will be listening to this show that would know you personally per se.

If you don’t mind, would you be able to tell us a little bit more about your own background & how you’ve come about to be the chief executive of NCRQ.

Path to success

Iain: Certainly.  I worked for many years as an inspector at the Health and Safety Executive in a variety of sectors. Including engineering and major hazard sites and it was there that I was exposed real issues that can cause harm at work.

Investigating hundreds of serious and fatal accidents. That really brings home how safety management systems could fail. And the very real consequences of poor safety management.

Following that I moved on to head the legal and enforcement team of the Health and Safety Executive. I trained inspectors on legal issues and gave advice to the sort of senior principal inspectors on enforcement’s and prosecution decisions.

From there I went to work at their local authority heading up their corporate risk functions. So that was not just as responsible for health and safety. But also corporate risk management and emergency planning and that sort of thing.

And it is that gamekeeper turned poacher role that really opened my eyes. To the difficulties that organizations face trying to manage health and safety in the real world.

It was then that I was sort of committed to do something about it and that’s why the NCRQ Diploma was born really.

After those experiences as a regulator and then on the other side of the fence as somebody trying to implement those management systems.

Richard: Wow that’s really interesting to hear and I suppose that was your “why” as people would say and the reason why you got into it. I’m really intrigued to hear that and happy to hear it.

What you’ve actually produced it really comes through that there is an understanding of the realities of operational and systems management within real organizations. Which as you’re referring to, still to this day that isn’t well enough understood.

My question that I wanted to ask you was regarding you know why you’ve come in to market. You really already answered that and with the success of NCRQ Diploma you’re clearly meeting that market need.

Risk-based approach

Iain: To be honest in my extensive experience as a regulator and also as corporate risk manager. I was quite shocked by the lack of competence in the area of health safety management generally.

I’ve met hundreds of safety advisors and safety managers. Every one of them was intelligent and conscientious and motivated to do the right thing.

But a significant proportion of those and I mean that seriously. They didn’t have the necessary understanding and skills to be able to actually manage health and safety.

Most of them had undertaken a qualification and they’ve invested thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of study. Yet, while they could talk about the theory. They weren’t able to apply this in practice or understand a risk based approach to health and safety management.

For the real world

Let me be clear. I’m not saying that everybody was incompetent, not at all. But those who had the necessary skills and abilities seem to have this despite of their previous qualifications. Not because of it.

So in the early days we considered creating a training organization delivering NEBOSH qualifications. But, focusing on the competencies required in the real world.

However, it soon became apparent that we just simply wouldn’t fit in with the NEBOSH model.

The examination based assessment and the focus on knowledge just wasn’t aligned with the competencies that are required for health and safety professionals in the real world.

So we decided to develop our own qualifications, actually providing the knowledge, the understanding and the skills are required in real life.

Also to provide an assurance to employers that individuals with an NCRQ  qualification could actually practice health and safety at both and just talk about it.

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