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Avoid the 3 Most Common HSE Risk Assessment Mistakes

Avoid the 3 Most Common HSE Risk Assessment Mistakes 1
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Avoid the 3 Most Common HSE Risk Assessment Mistakes
Avoid the 3 Most Common HSE Risk Assessment Mistakes 2

In this podcast & video, we take a quick look at a few of the most common, but easily fixed, mistakes that are made when carrying out HSE Risk Assessment.

As discussed in the podcast, we recommend you check our Health and Safety Risk Assessment – Complete Beginner’s Guide resource and you can try the free module of our online course here.

HSE Risk Assessment - Avoid the 3 Common Mistakes

Here’s an overview of the 3 common mistakes we see being made in HSE Risk Assessment.

Luckily, they are all very easy to remedy, and by resolving each of them, you will be one step closer to implementing an effective risk assessment for your business.

Plus, they be much easier to manage!

Avoid the 3 Most Common HSE Risk Assessment Mistakes 3

Duplication – don’t repeat the same information over and over again – who wants to read the same repeatedly – that’s a surefire way to lose someone’s attention!?

Seriously, stop sounding like a broken record, it doesn’t help you get your message across! (printing press)

HSE Risk Assessment Mistakes

Copy and Paste – Ok, the whole point of a risk assessment is that it’s supposed to relate to the actual work being done.

Why do think it would make sense to take a generic piece of information from a completely different job, context or location and feel that it’s going to slot in, no questions asked!?

That’s not to say existing information isn’t useful. Of course it is, but make sure it’s directly relevant to what you are doing, enough specific detail!

ergo hazards

Chapter and verse – What do I mean by writing chapter and verse?

Well, let’ say you give someone a 20-page risk assessment that relates to a fairly simple operation or activity.

Do you really think they are going read it, consume it and act upon it!?

The likelihood is that they won’t – you have to make it as concise, non-technical and actionable as possible – so that it’s easy to interpret and can be used by anyone – most of the time we find that risk assessment are the complete opposite of this – here’s a quick tip!

I often ask the question, would a 4 year old child understand it if you read it to them? If the answers yes, then you’re on the money!!

Thanks for watching & listening to this episode on HSE Risk Assessment mistakes, part of our Safeti School series and brought to you by Safeti.com.

HSE Risk Assessment Templates

Would you like some risk assessment templates to help you practice what you have learned during this podcast? 

Check out our Basic and Advanced templates, with worked examples.

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HSE Risk Assessment

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