Some sites will try to make you pay for HSE templates, but you really don’t have to. There are a vast number of websites that provide free health, safety and environmental documentation.

Here’s a few to get you started….

Simple HSE Risk Assessment Template

Simple Risk Assessment - MS Word 14.6 KB

Downloads – 178

Quantitative Risk Assessment Template

Quantitative Risk Assessment Template - MS Excel 12.8 KB

Downloads – 6

Health, Safety & Environment CV Template

HSE CV Template  269.4 KB

Downloads – 183

Keep reading for our Top 5 recommended sites for templates

Do you have Health, Safety & Environment responsibility?

If you have responsibility for Health, Safety & Environment in your company, you’ll get massive value from the HSE content that we produce. Check out the Safeti Podcast to help you stay motivated, improve your knowledge and enhance your impact.

We don’t want to clog our site up with tonne’s of downloads, but we do want to point you in the direction of some folks who have already done a great job of producing free templates to use.

See Our Top 5 Recommendations Below

Health and Safety For Beginners Super friendly HSE community with lots of info. from expert contributors

Health and Safety Executive (UK)  Search a relevant topic or industry to find loads of great resources, tools and free training

The Construction Industry Training Board Useful free templates for HSE management in the construction industry

EU OSHA (European Agency for Safety & Health at Work) This site has loads of free E-guides, factsheets and usable tools. Check out the nifty Risk Assessment Tool (OiRA) here & the ‘Language Free’ Safety Videos

The Institution of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) See Safe Startup guides for different industries and also check out the Occ. Health Toolkits which have info. guides, PowerPoint slides    and links to relevant guidance

For more help on risk assessment and related themes, have a look at our videos below….

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