3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 1

3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career

 How to Progress your HSE Career

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You can listen to the actual Podcast itself just here – How to Progress your HSE Career with Jack Cornick  

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In this Podcast, we talked with Health & Safety Recruitment Team Leader Jack Cornick of global agency Allen & York. Jack shares his thoughts on effective strategies for HSE professionals.

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How to Progress Your HSE Career

3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 2
3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 3
3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 4
3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 5
3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 6
3 Ways to Progress your HSE Career 7

If you are interested in finding out more about this Podcast Episode, you can read through the entire show here Safeti Podcast #001 MP3 Transcript

Here’s a sample of the show….

Intro: Welcome to the Safeti podcast with your host Richard Collins.

Richard Collins: Hi. Welcome to the podcast. I’m your host Richard Collins. I’d like to introduce our first guest on the safeti podcast. His name is Jack Cornick, he leads up the health and safety team at Allen & York. He’s recently come off a round table discussion on the state of the industry with IOSH. I’m delighted to have Jack on the show as our first guest. He really takes an enthusiastic and proactive approach to understanding the demands of different sectors to help you make the right decisions and progress your career. He really wants to go above and beyond to understand what these different demands mean for you as a candidate. Okay, and let’s go and see what he has to say. Jack Cornick, welcome to the safety podcast it’s our first episode and you’re the first guest, so welcome to the show and thanks very much for coming along.

Jack Cornick: Thanks Richard. It’s a privilege to be talking to you and thanks ever so much for having me.

Richard Collins: Not a problem, so the issue or the topic that we’re going to address today is how to progress your health and safety career. This is something, obviously, that both of us have a bit of an exposure to, yourself being a recruitment manager and myself being a health and safety professional. Hopefully we can have a little bit of a chat and give people some insights into the things that might help them progress quicker in their career and look at some of the pitfalls and how they might overcome them as well. Kicking off then, let’s let people know a little bit about your background then, Jack.

Jack Cornick: I’ve been recruiting now for three years in a variety of different areas. I joined Allen & York in 2016 into their health and safety team which has been running now for circa, 20 years. Within about six months, I’ve become a manager of a team and I head up a team of five people who look across the health and safety space, corporate areas, construction, CDM and others as well in addition to that, so I’ve been doing that now for around 18 months to two years, really enjoying it and it’s a great sector work in as well and I think it’s going to be really exciting and an evolutionary period so it’s a great time to be recruiting.

Richard Collins: Great Jack, so let’s dig in to some of the issues that we had discussed on this topic and where I think you can add a lot of value for people that are listening. There’s a lot of people out there obviously trying to break into the health safety and environmental space, what, from your experience, have you seen to be the biggest challenges or obstacles for people just even getting into their first safety jobs from the get go.

For the remainder of this transcript, go to this page How to progress your H&S Career

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