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FREE Safety Risk Assessment Course!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new, online Health and Safety Risk Assessment Course – which is FREE for a limited time.

As we are fans of both classroom and online learning, we’ve decided to mix the two together for maximum value in our first version of the course.

In other words, the course is an instructor-led, online course, but is also supported by a one-to-one follow-up. We only wanted to produce and deliver a course if we could give students the best chance of going away confident with the subject matter. The follow-up, reflection session (may be subject to change) will serve to make sure that every student is happy and assured before tackling health and safety risk assessment within their own workplace environment.

We are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the value of our first online course offering. To give you a glimpse of how it is delivered, we have opened up a couple of free lessons (no registration required!) for you to get a taster of the course. 

That way, you should be able to decide if the course seems like a good fit for you, your team or your employees.

Watch our short video below for some more information on the course. Also, you can access the free modules by visiting the Course Page.

Richard Collins

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