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Health and Safety HSE Statistics UK

What are the HSE Statistics summary reports?

The Health and Executive (UK) produces an annual report of Health and Safety statistics.

This publication is very useful for health and safety practitioners to get an overview of current illness and injury in the workplace.

We want to provide you access to these documents and encourage the use of them in prioritising workplace risk controls.

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health and safety statistics UK

Health and Safety statistics – Downloads

Great Britain H&S Statistics 2017

HSE Health and Safety at Work Report 2017

  372.1 KB  Downloads – 64

Construction Sector H&S Summary 2017

Construction Sectors UK 2017

   915.8 KB  Downloads – 64

Agriculture Sector H&S Summary 2017

Agriculture Sector H&S Summary 2017

  774.9 KB  Downloads – 69

Manufacturing Sector H&S Summary 2017


1.1 MB  Downloads – 65