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We have been busy here at Safeti. We promised that we would produce simple content for you to contribute to your health and safety learning curve. Let’s get to work.

We have created a short video which addresses the relationship between two important terms in health and safety management. These are the terms Hazard and Risk. Many people struggle to grasp the difference and relationship between these two words. This is understandable. It is easy to misplace or confuse them when talking about the actual risk that exists in a given situation.

In this video, we provide a simple explanation for you. If you are still confused after watching this, don’t worry! Please let us know so that we can provide further clarity for you.

Your feedback is a critical part of our improvement process…

Help Us To Help You

This is only the start of a stream of free safety learning resources produced by With your help, we can continue to focus on what matters and provide valuable material that you can use and share.

If there are any health, safety or environmental topics for which you need help, we would love to hear from you

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