Welcome to Safeti

From the beginning, our mission was to help businesses have a  sustainable impact on people and the environment.

Today, we support our clients on their improvement journey through consulting, coaching and collaboration.


We produce unique educational media with professionals and businesses in the Health, Safety and Environment space.

Would you like to collaborate? Provide value and improve your awareness by working with us.

Supporting the growth and development of your employees. 

We deliver Health, Safety & Environment training sessions & practical workshops that are aligned to the learning objectives of your audience.

We partner with businesses to provide consultancy services that are specific to their needs.

Our aim is to provide flexible, trustworthy expertise that compliments your existing resources.


'I see Richard very much as part of the vanguard, challenging the old stereotypes and helping develop a new buzz about our profession.'
'It always makes me proud to be part of an industry where people genuinely want to go above and beyond to improve safety. Richard is certainly one of the leading professionals in that respect.'
‘I would like to thank you for your time, your professionalism and expertise during the training. I found the training very well presented, informative and the personal guidance & focus much appreciated. I would certainly recommend your service to others in the future.’
‘Richard is smashing to work with. Lively, challenging and cares a great deal about his subject (and the people he helps to master his subject.) I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again and neither should you.'
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